JDL Street Art

Amsterdam based female street artist


Judith de Leeuw, also known as JDL street art, creates large- scale murals worldwide in order to draw attention to social issues. In a period of 6 years she managed to travel and work over 41 countries, including big parts of Europe, Asia and the United states. Growing up in child services, she has seen many dark places in life. Today she uses this as a tool for empathy and understanding for the less fortunate, who play main characters in her murals.
At age 27, JDL has won two awards, and had her work exhibited next to Banksy and Keith Haring. While evolving, Her work was shared by major platforms around the world such as CNN and Chicago tribune. In 2022, she was invited by the king and queen of the Netherlands to welcome the Italian president in the palace in order to represent the international artistic collaboration.


AT5 Documentary

The short documentary ‘Piece of art’  is a series about prominent Amsterdam-based  street artists, produced by Infocus producties. The dutch TV channel AT5 broadcasted the episode on JDL’s work back in 2019. 


‘Outside in’, collaborated with Yourban2030, is a pollution eating mural for the LGBT+ community in Rome. The project  has been  featured by the world news TV station who broadcasted the item  in 430 million households over 166 countries.

Mural for fundraising cancer research

The Netherlands’ largest charity organization, KWF Kankerbestrijding, and the first public broadcasting channel, NPO1/AVROTROS, partnered to sell 10,000 pieces of JDL’s artwork to fund cancer research. The artwork, inspired by the stories of cancer patients Pim, Ilse, and Kelly, showcased intense love and happiness, particularly for their children, as part of the ‘Against Cancer, For Life (Tegen kanker, voor het leven)’ – campaign.

Tblisi Mural Fest (Georgia)

“‘Hold Me Tight’ is a mural crafted as a tribute to the self-love and vulnerability of those who profoundly influenced JDL’s artistic journey in 2021. In a society where individuals frequently express shame about their vulnerabilities, the artist perceives beauty and strength in these very aspects. This artwork serves as a homage to the resilience and power embodied by these individuals.”

Educucation & projects

  • 2013-2016 Art & Design Amsterdam, (Graphic design, entrepreneurship in the creative industry, 3D, photography, painting & drawing)
  • 2016-2017  Bachelor in Fine arts, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam.
  • Ecchi di domani / echoes of Tomorrow (Schio, Vicenza, Italy) 25m high mural. Curated by Associazione Jeos. 2023.
  • Dutch Ministry of Health (Uilenstede, Netherlands) 21m high mural. Campaign to raise awareness of loneliness 2023.
  • Our Land (Amsterdam, Netherlands) 10m high mural. Peace mural for a mixed islamic and jewish society 2023.
  • Atlas – the woman who carried the world (Milan, Italy) 30m high mural. Curated by Orticanoodles 2023.
  • A mind’s last standing (Stornara, Italy) 15m high mural. Curated by Stramurales. 2023.
  • His outline in your shadow (Calais, France) 25m high mural. Curated by Lesateliersdugraff. 2023.
  • Dancing with my eyes closed (Padua, Veneto, Italy) 25m high mural. Curated by Biennale Street art. 2023.
  • Icarus – about the climate crisis (Rome, Italy) 900m2 mural. Curated by Streetart for Rights. 2023.
  • Love is stronger than death (vol.4) (Taranto, Puglia, Italy) 35m high mural. Curated by Progetto Trust / Gulia Urbana. 2022.
  • Love is stronger than death (vol.3) (Belgrade, Serbia) 15m high mural. Curated by Runaway Festival 2022.
  • Love is stronger than death (vol.2) (Targu Jiu, Romania) 15m high mural. Curated stradart. 2022.
  • Love is stronger than death (vol.1) (Foggia, Italy) 8m high mural. Curated by Stramurales. 2022.
  • KWF kankerbestrijding (Erasmusbrug, Kop van Zuid, Rotterdam, Netherlands.) 38m high mural. Charity fundraising ‘Voor het leven’ – campaign. 2022.
  • Renovate (Amsterdam, Netherlands.) 8m canvas. Public collection of STRAAT museum. 2022.
  • Female Role Models (Serbia.) Judge and consultancy for national street art contest. In collaboration with Street art Museum Amsterdam and the Dutch embassy. 2022.
  • Shapeshifters (Museum Kunstlinie, Almere.) Group exhibition among Keith Haring, Banksy and Basquiat. Curated by Vroom and Varossieau Gallery. 2022.
  • Closer in distance (Amsterdam Central Station, Netherlands.) 24M panel installation. Commissioned by the Amsterdam City council, in collaboration with the HIV/AIDS Foundation.  2021.
  • Diversity in bureaucracy (Leidseplein, Amsterdam, Netherlands.) 12M Mural. Sponsored by AFK, ZOZ, Humberto Tan and Won Yip. 2021.
  • A victory during cancer (Padova, Biennale di Venezia, Italy.) 37M Mural. Curated by Biennale Super Walls. 2021.
  • On Both Sides  (Montargis, France.)  15M Mural.Curated by Label Valette Festival. 2021.
  • Hold Me Tight (Tbilisi, Georgia.) 66M Mural. Curated by Tbilisi Mural Fest. 2021.
  • 2.9M Cryptocurrency deal (STRAAT Museum, Amsterdam) 4 canvas works sold to Idoneus.
  • The beauty of Alexa and her MS (Aurora, Illinois, U.S.A.) 9M Mural. Commissioned by the City Council of Aurora. 2021.
  • The Escape (Eindhoven, Netherlands.) 4x 15M Murals. Commissioned by the Eindhoven City Council. 2021.
  • From Vandal to Art ( Sofia, Bulgaria) Group exhibition. Curated by Sofia Graffiti Tour, in collaboration with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Bulgaria. 2021.
  • Outside In LGBT+ (Rome, Italy.) 21M Mural. Curated by YourBan2030, in collaboration with the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 2020.
  • A Beautiful Pile of Trash & Connections (Mjölby, Sweden.) 20M  mural. Curated by Artscape Festival. 2020.
  • Freechildren campaign (NYC, US) 2M canvas / 11 billboards. Curated by Street Art Mankind, in collaboration with United Nations. 2020.
  • Narcissus (Utrecht, Netherlands.) 5M canvas. 2020.
  • Fire (Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia.) 10m Mural, Curated by Tan Chor Whye. 2020.
  • Father (Balik Pulau, Penang, Malaysia.) 17m Mural, Curated by Tan Chor Whye. 2019.
  • The Messenger (Miami, Florida, USA.) 6m Mural, Curated by Wynwood Mural Fest. 2019.
  • Power vs. Play (Manhattan, New York City, USA.) 15m Mural, Curated by Street Art Mankind. 2019.
  • Pixalated Portrait (New Rochelle, New York, USA.) 21m Mural, Curated by Street Art Mankind.   2019.
  • Fall and Rise (Prishtina, Kosovo) 15m Mural, Curated by Kosovo Mural Fest & Femart. 2019.
  • Alone Together (Patras, Greece) 20m Mural, Curated by Art in Progress / Artwalk 4. 2019.
  • Daily news (Wilhelmshaven, Germany) 10m Mural, Curated by City Murals / International Street Art Festival Wilhelmshaven. 2019.
  • Construction (Epinal, France) 5x3m Mural, Curated by Le Mur Epinal. 2019.
  • Making A Career (Port Klang, Kuala Lumpur) 15m Public Mural, Curated by Tan Chor Whye. 2018.
  • Finding the Right Path (Port Klang, Kuala Lumpur) 12m Public Mural, Curated by Tan Chor Whye. 2018.
  • L’urban Week Paris La Défense / Underground Effect #4 (La Défense, Paris), 3x5m live painting, Curated by Projet Saato. 2018.
  • War Child (Amsterdam, NL) 4m high canvas auction for charity. 2018.
  • Group Exhibition (Aachen, Germany) curated by Getting Up. 2019.
  • Portrait of Winne (Rotterdam Central Station / Kruisplein) 36m high flatbuilding, Curated by Rotterdam Street Art Museum. 2018.
  • Mural Heerlen (Netherlands) 10m high mural, curated by Getting Up. 2018.
  • Mural Desaku(Malaysia) 10m mural, curated by Tan Chor Whye. 2017.
  • The Art of BANKSY(beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam) Live painting.  2016.
  • Athens Street Art festival, Government of Athens / Municipality of Nikaia (Athens) 15m high mural. 2016.
  • WWF / Wereld natuur fonds (Leidseplein, Amsterdam) Video campaign, 5×2,5m canvas, curated by  Street Art Museum Amsterdam. 2017.
  • Open Air Street Art Museum Paris (Vitry-sur seine, Paris) 3x2m murals, curated by Streetart 360. 2017.
  • Kunsthalle Museum exhibition (wilhelmshaven, Germany) Group exhibititon, Curated by City Murals. 2019.
  • Roskilde Festival (Roskilde, Denmark) 4x6m mural. 2017.
  • Child of the state (Heerlen, NL) 8x5m canvas, Heerlen. Curated by Getting up and Fair Life Foundation. In collaboration with Carla Van De Puttelaar. 2018.
  • Unframed (Heerlen, NL) 8x5m, 2x2m and 2,5×2,2m canvasses. Group exhibition. Curated by Getting up. 2019.
  • Amsterdam Light Festival 2m Canvas board.  2015.
  • Sealskin B.V / Tiger B.V, Shower campaign, two 2m canvasses 
  • ASA Go Show (GoGallery, Amsterdam, NL) Exhibition. 2017.
  • Orange Babies (Amsterdam) Auctioned canvas for charity. 2018.
  • The International Amsterdam Tattoo Convention (Amsterdam) Live painting. 2016.
  • The Streets (Berlin) Murals and canvas. 2016.
  • Street Art Museum NDSM Warf (Amsterdam) 5m high canvas
  • Freakcity Tattoo (Westerpark, Amsterdam) 2m high Mural
  • Step in the Arena 2016 (Eindhoven, Netherlands) Live painting
  • Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment / Ink Days Zurich (Zurich) Exhibition
  • Rossano Roncelli Tattoo (Basel, Switserland) Several canvasses
  • Rewriters 010 (Rotterdam) Live painting
  • Cretopia Rotterdam (Rotterdam) 2m mural
  • ‘Heart of Art’, 2015 (Curated by Amsterdam Street Art) exhibition
  • Amsterdam Urban art Fair 2015 & 2016 (Curated by Amsterdam urban art fair) Exhibition
  • Urban Art Festival (Curated by Urban art NOW, Amsterdam) Exhibition
  • Kings of Colors Jam(Den Bosch, NL) 2 meter public mural
  • Salon D01(Marnixpool, Amsterdam) 4m high mural
  • BAUT & Dreesmann (Rokin, Amsterdam) 20m wide mural
  • BAUT Paradijs (Oostpoort district, Paradijsplein, Amsterdam) 15m high mural
  • BAUT Spaarndammerstraat (Amsterdam) 15m wide mural
  • Amy Winehouse, Boulangerie Le Mortier (Fokke Simonzstraat / Weteringscirquit, Amsterdam) Mural
  • Outside In  (Rome, Italy) 25M mural, Curated by Yourban2030. 2020.
  • A beautiful pile of trash  & connections (Mjolby, Sweden) 20M mural, Curated by Artscape Form. 2020.
  • Narcissus (utrecht, Netherlands)  5M painting.  2020.

Subjects we fight for

Art in public space leads to physical and online reach of high amounts. With great reach comes great responsibility. That’s why JDL believes that we should use murals for social purposes. Each wall is inspired by personal stories of admirable but vulnerable people, with the aim of creating a universal understanding in society. These are some of the most inspirational people that are fighting social issues:

When @sanne.esther was diagnosed with severe breast cancer, Casper did not think twice, and decided to marry her in order to be there for her the best way he could. One week later I stood in front of their altar, watching them with admiration, while thinking about the true love and support that they gave each other during this real life nightmare. That day, I promised them a huge tribute mural on a hospital, in order to inspire others with their story. I gave them a holiday to Italy to see it in person, where they hugged and cried tears of joy.
Battling cancer as a couple is a nightmare, for both of them. This mural is a reminder that when everything breaks apart, love can keep each others world together, even stronger than before.

The story of Sanne and Casper’s mural is a part of the ‘Leven na kanker’ documentary van @kwfnederland , which will be released in a year from now.

This is a tribute mural to all the broken and beautiful people I have met in the past year. One by one, they showed me their vulnerability. I notice people are often ashamed of their vulnerability, while I see the beauty in it. This mural is a reminder to embrace yourself (and your fragility), even though, it does not seem natural in, for instance, a depression. These people are the most admirable people that I have met in my life, including their trauma.

Thank you for being you, and showing yourself to me:
Sanne & Casper: who grew into a stronger relation ship because of cancer (Padova, IT)
Hansje: Who became a musical genius during her psychosis (Sweden)
(Anonymous): Who did everything he could to help his suicidal wife and show how precious she is. (Canvas)
Alexa: Who became the most caring person in the world because of her diagnosis with MS (Coming soon)
(Anonymous): he transgender that found himself through a great struggle of acception (Rome)

As I admire all these people so incredibly much, one by one, I hope we can collectively start to be proud of our trauma as 90% of the world is effected by it. Be proud.

Dante Mdante and Acho Khutsishvili – Thank you for the assistance!

Work for sale

Limited Print

‘Dancing with my eyes closed’, Limited edition print. Signed and numbered by JDL.

Edition size: 100
Size: 100 x 33,5 cm
Type: giclée print
Characteristics: Innova IFA22, Etching Cotton Rag 315gsm
In stock: 62

All orders will be handled personally and contractually via email. Worldwide shipping.

350,- including VAT, EX. Shipping

Work for sale

Limited Print

Hand-finished limited edition print release
‘love is stronger than death’

Due to the use of the most innovative and high-end printing techniques and the paint added as a second layer, the difference between an original piece and this hand-finished print is extremely hard to tell. With more than 75 original brush strokes created over this 1500% enlarged full-frame sensor print, we bring you the next-level look-alike original.

Edition size: 50
Size: 170 x 75 cm
Characteristics: Acrylic and
giclée print on canvas
In stock: 36/50

1450,- including VAT, EX. shipping

Work for sale

Limited Print

‘On Both sides’, Limited edition print. Signed and numbered by JDL.

Edition size: 100
Size:A2 594x420mm 
Type: giclée print
Characteristics: Hahnemuhle White Velvet 270grs textured fine art paper
In stock: 4

All orders will be handled personally and contractually via email. Worldwide shipping.

195,- including VAT, EX. Shipping

Work for sale

On both sides

An original, exclusive and hand painted canvas based on the concept on JDL’s most recent mural in France. Signed.

Edition size:  1/1
Size: 200 x 150cm
Type:  Hand painted original
Characteristics:  Aerosols and acrylic on canvas
In stock: 1/1

All orders will be handled personally and contractually via email. Worldwide shipping.

Price on request

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