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Amsterdam based female street artist


JDL Street art aka Judith de Leeuw started aerosol cans at the age of 15 as a rebel on the street. The multiple award winning artist was born and raised in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In 2015 she graduated in Art & Design which was followed by a one-year bachelor at the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2016. Her art evolved quickly, as she became an established artist in a very short period. Currently JDL travels worldwide as an international artist to realise her large-scale murals.

JDL uses her art to translate emotion, but the concepts are deeply themed around her surroundings and social issues. This is also a reason for JDL’s big love for public space.

Her projects took her around the globe, including big parts of Europe, Asia, and the United States. 


AT5 Documentary

The short documentary ‘Piece of art’  is a series about prominent Amsterdam-based  street artists, produced by Infocus producties. The dutch TV channel AT5 broadcasted the episode on JDL’s work back in 2019. 


‘Outside in’, collaborated with Yourban2030, is a pollution eating mural for the LGBT+ community in Rome. The project  has been  featured by the world news TV station who broadcasted the item  in 430 million households over 166 countries.

Educucation & projects

  • 2013-2016 Art & Design Amsterdam, (Graphic design, entrepreneurship in the creative industry, 3D, photography, painting & drawing)
  • 2016-2017  Bachelor in Fine arts, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam.
  • Outside In LGBT+ (Rome, Italy.) 21M Mural. Curated by YourBan2030, in collaboration with the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 2020.
  • A Beautiful Pile of Trash & Connections (Mjölby, Sweden.) 20M  mural. Curated by Artscape Festival. 2020. 
  • Freechildren campaign (NYC, US) 2M canvas / 11 billboards. Curated by Street Art Mankind, in collaboration with United Nations. 2020. 
  • Narcissus (Utrecht, Netherlands.) 5M canvas. 2020.
  • Fire (Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia.) 10m Mural, Curated by Tan Chor Whye. 2020.
  • Father (Balik Pulau, Penang, Malaysia.) 17m Mural, Curated by Tan Chor Whye. 2019.
  • The Messenger (Miami, Florida, USA.) 6m Mural, Curated by Wynwood Mural Fest. 2019.
  • Power vs. Play (Manhattan, New York City, USA.) 15m Mural, Curated by Street Art Mankind. 2019.
  • Pixalated Portrait (New Rochelle, New York, USA.) 21m Mural, Curated by Street Art Mankind.   2019.
  • Fall and Rise (Prishtina, Kosovo) 15m Mural, Curated by Kosovo Mural Fest & Femart. 2019.
  • Alone Together (Patras, Greece) 20m Mural, Curated by Art in Progress / Artwalk 4. 2019.
  • Daily news (Wilhelmshaven, Germany) 10m Mural, Curated by City Murals / International Street Art Festival Wilhelmshaven. 2019.
  • Construction (Epinal, France) 5x3m Mural, Curated by Le Mur Epinal. 2019.
  • Making A Career (Port Klang, Kuala Lumpur) 15m Public Mural, Curated by Tan Chor Whye. 2018.
  • Finding the Right Path (Port Klang, Kuala Lumpur) 12m Public Mural, Curated by Tan Chor Whye. 2018.
  • L’urban Week Paris La Défense / Underground Effect #4 (La Défense, Paris), 3x5m live painting, Curated by Projet Saato. 2018.
  • War Child (Amsterdam, NL) 4m high canvas auction for charity. 2018.
  • Group Exhibition (Aachen, Germany) curated by Getting Up. 2019.
  • Portrait of Winne (Rotterdam Central Station / Kruisplein) 36m high flatbuilding, Curated by Rotterdam Street Art Museum. 2018.
  • Mural Heerlen (Netherlands) 10m high mural, curated by Getting Up. 2018.
  • Mural Desaku(Malaysia) 10m mural, curated by Tan Chor Whye. 2017.
  • The Art of BANKSY(beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam) Live painting.  2016.
  • Athens Street Art festival, Government of Athens / Municipality of Nikaia (Athens) 15m high mural. 2016.
  • WWF / Wereld natuur fonds (Leidseplein, Amsterdam) Video campaign, 5×2,5m canvas, curated by  Street Art Museum Amsterdam. 2017.
  • Open Air Street Art Museum Paris (Vitry-sur seine, Paris) 3x2m murals, curated by Streetart 360. 2017.
  • Kunsthalle Museum exhibition (wilhelmshaven, Germany) Group exhibititon, Curated by City Murals. 2019.
  • Roskilde Festival (Roskilde, Denmark) 4x6m mural. 2017.
  • Child of the state (Heerlen, NL) 8x5m canvas, Heerlen. Curated by Getting up and Fair Life Foundation. In collaboration with Carla Van De Puttelaar. 2018.
  • Unframed (Heerlen, NL) 8x5m, 2x2m and 2,5×2,2m canvasses. Group exhibition. Curated by Getting up. 2019.
  • Amsterdam Light Festival 2m Canvas board.  2015.
  • Sealskin B.V / Tiger B.V, Shower campaign, two 2m canvasses 
  • ASA Go Show (GoGallery, Amsterdam, NL) Exhibition. 2017.
  • Orange Babies (Amsterdam) Auctioned canvas for charity. 2018.
  • The International Amsterdam Tattoo Convention (Amsterdam) Live painting. 2016.
  • The Streets (Berlin) Murals and canvas. 2016.
  • Street Art Museum NDSM Warf (Amsterdam) 5m high canvas
  • Freakcity Tattoo (Westerpark, Amsterdam) 2m high Mural
  • Step in the Arena 2016 (Eindhoven, Netherlands) Live painting
  • Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment / Ink Days Zurich (Zurich) Exhibition
  • Rossano Roncelli Tattoo (Basel, Switserland) Several canvasses
  • Rewriters 010 (Rotterdam) Live painting
  • Cretopia Rotterdam (Rotterdam) 2m mural
  • ‘Heart of Art’, 2015 (Curated by Amsterdam Street Art) exhibition
  • Amsterdam Urban art Fair 2015 & 2016 (Curated by Amsterdam urban art fair) Exhibition
  • Urban Art Festival (Curated by Urban art NOW, Amsterdam) Exhibition
  • Kings of Colors Jam(Den Bosch, NL) 2 meter public mural
  • Salon D01(Marnixpool, Amsterdam) 4m high mural
  • BAUT & Dreesmann (Rokin, Amsterdam) 20m wide mural
  • BAUT Paradijs (Oostpoort district, Paradijsplein, Amsterdam) 15m high mural
  • BAUT Spaarndammerstraat (Amsterdam) 15m wide mural
  • Amy Winehouse, Boulangerie Le Mortier (Fokke Simonzstraat / Weteringscirquit, Amsterdam) Mural
  • Outside In  (Rome, Italy) 25M mural, Curated by Yourban2030. 2020.
  • A beautiful pile of trash  & connections (Mjolby, Sweden) 20M mural, Curated by Artscape Form. 2020.
  • Narcissus (utrecht, Netherlands)  5M painting.  2020.

Work for sale

Limited Print

Limited edition print. In collaboration with Carla van de Puttelaar, who made the photograph on which the painting was modelled. Signed and numbered by JDL.

Edition size: 20
Size: 70 x 45 cm
Type: giclée print
Characteristics: Hahnemuhle White Velvet 270 grs.
In stock: 1/20

All orders will be handled personally and contractually via email. Worldwide shipping.

195,- including VAT, EX. Shipping



Work for sale

Daily News

An original, exclusive and hand painted canvas based on the concept on JDL’s most recent mural in Germany. Signed.

Edition size:  1/1
Size: 190 x 360cm
Type:  Hand painted original
Characteristics:  Aerosols and acrylic on canvas
In stock: 1/1

All orders will be handled personally and contractually via email. Worldwide shipping.

Price on request

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